Thursday, 5 February 2015

Thursday, boring day, cute outfit

Looks for today:


Opinions: KMD bra and panty runs small so my bra is more of a quarter cup bra and panties could be a bit more comfy... But I still wear it because I paid so much for this set (shopping, customs etc) that I can't just have it hanging in my cupboard.

My true corset I love. Does what it's supposed to do and comfortable. This was a good buy!

Meals: tried a chicken pot pie from my tried and loved receipes pages. Huge hit with the hubs! Not bad for me either. Had that for breakfast with some brocolli. Customary eggs for lunch. My daily love is my Cinolean cappachino. I must say, I genuinely love that. Otherwise rest of meals boring:)

Gym: not today 

Otherwise; did some shopping for the mini miss. I always enjoy that oddly enough.... Got some new purity flavours. Kinda excited! Silly I know but it's a momma thing! Also gonna try to get to bed early. Leka tired today. Thursday syndrome I think 

Images I loved today:   

Clothing ideas for tomorrow: I have a tight black dress and a see through shirt. Should look cute :)

Love this. Shopping and treating :)))(

My Fitspo. Body like this :)))

Happy reading :)

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