Thursday, 19 February 2015


The title is basically my goals. I never wanted to be ordinary. I wanted to be something different. Hence my physical
Transformation that I want to undergo and covered in my last blog post. 

I currently work in the medical field but my job is very unfulfilling..... I'm bored shitless basically. I've always loved pinup but I'm also very involved in the fitness game. So why not combine material the two? 

But how?

This is where my problem starts. Firstly
I'll have to become fitness/pinup body ready and  not quite there. Also once I'm there, what then? SA is not know for having a massive pinup community.... Fitness isn't too bad but still..... Ai

But first things first: get myself
Fitness ready. A role model (body wise anyway) is Gina Carla. Go have a look. She's on Instagram, Facebook everywhere. That's kinda what I'm aiming for....

This is her

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