Sunday, 20 July 2014

Possible scarlett issues and solutions

1: taking a long time to feed and is falling assleep duribg feeds
Pg 82

2. She drinks her full feed but wants more
Pg 82, 85

3. Use 40min for a feed

4.not feeding well at 7am
Pg 91

5.sleepy babies 
Pg 106, 112

6.stimulation time one hr after she is awake and fed. Stop 20min before nap

7. Milk feeding chart pg 131

8.general problems pg 274

9. Read the core nighr pg 305 once she is 4 weeks old

10.5 weeks look at oatmeal cereal

Friday, 18 July 2014


Feeling seriously makeup inspired today!! Was on pinterest and all the ideas!!! Obviously i don't know if id be able to do them nevermind pull it off but they're still awesome :)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Thursday 💚

Good goal day. Absa called me early to let me know system was up and running. Quickly did that and got my COO done so sternberg was able to fax it through today for the check :)

Goals: finish scanning Contented baby book. Do my schedule for the next 2 weeks. Cook rest of meals. Absa? COO

Achieved: Absa, COO, started scheduling but not finished.

Anxious: too tired to be anxious. Am overwhelmed about her scheduling.... 

Scarlett scheduling

Try her on the normal schedule, then try diff things depending on her issues. She should be awake a max of 3hrs otherwise will be overtired. Also feed every 3 hrs until she has gained her birth weight

Do a min of contact while feeding. Do not overstimulate.

Split feeding is making up normal feed in 2 smaller bottles

Work out amount of formula: 70ml per pound body weight

7am: 90ml
Should aready be feeding
Do nor feed after 8. If she woke up st 5 or 6 and ate, then offer just a top up now.
In bed by 8:30. When she starts getting drowsy, put her in the cot and take out dummy before she falls asleep.

10-10:30am: 90ml
Must first be fully awake. Wake at 9:45
Let her have a kick and play
Wash and fully dress
Offer a top up
Will get sleepy by Should be asleep bt 11:30am

2-2:30pm: 90ml
Wake and change diaper
Do not feed after 3:15
3:30- change diaper. Taker her for a walk rhis time while she sleeps

5pm: 60ml
Feed a split feed burp feed
Ket her juck while i prepare bath
Diaper change
Sleep clothes no later than 6-6:15

6-6:15pm: 60ml
Rest of split feed burp feed
Put in bed to self soothe no later than 7pm

10-10:30pm: 90ml
Put on bright lights
Allow her to fully wake up while you prepare diaper change
Feed her most of her bottle burp then change nappy and reswaddle
Dim lights

2-2:30am: 90ml
Dont put on bright lights
As little fuss as possible
Check diaper
Feed burp feed

If she wakes at 5am split feed from 7am feed. Let her nap till 7 and then wake up for new day

New shift

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wednesday ❤️

So woke up early to get all my shit done for my UIF. 1st stop: Absa and guess what?!!!! Still offline! Luckily the girl who helped me is the same one i always get so she was really nice and took my details down. She said she'd call me when it's up and running. 2nd stop: COO. Queue out the door! So that's going to get done tomorrow as well.
The only thing that panned out was the Drs rooms! Can you flippen believe :( Ar least I also go my stool softner (sexy I know) for the hospital and obviously HAD to buy some more outfits for my little girl. Got her the cutest kilt with suspenders!!

Otherwise came home and slept. Hubby going out with friends tonight, told him he must enjoy his last few nights without baba!!! Shame :) 

Anxious: 1/10

Goals: absa coo dr dischem read atkins and baby book. Pack bras nap in afternoon

Achieved: Drs rooms and packed bras. Whoop whoop :/

Last tuesday 💛

Not that concerned today.  Feels more unreal and far away than yesterday. I think I'm just too tired to worry so much. 

Got up at 11. Postponed drs, absa and COO app till tomorrow. Forgot that Betty is coming tomorrow so I'd actually not want to be at home so that we're not under each other feet. Tomorrow will be busy but hopefully only the morning. Sternberg can then fax it Thursday so then at least they have it.

Goals: make more food, nails waxes.

Anxious 1/10

Achieved: made lots of food. Still not done but at least fridge is filling up fast. Got cute nails done (pic below) and all my waxes done. But what was interesting  was my wax. Damn it
Hurt!!! I'm not a sensitive person but it genuinely hurt like hell. Maybe more blood flow making the area more sensitive? Don't know but glad it's over....

Monday, 14 July 2014

Last Monday 💚

Up at 4 because my body was so uncomfortable and started painting..... So did what any normal girl does... Ate 3 yes 3 slices of toast and watched 27 dresses. In bed at 6,up again at 7:30 to make hubby lunch. Napped again till 9:30 then had to get up to get ready to organsie UIF docs. First to Comm of Oath. Ended up going to wrong place so had to go back to police station. At least got it certified then on to bank to 1st: Change my surname to my married one, then get the UIF form filled out. As luck would have it, the Casa system was offline and they couldn't do the surname change.... At least she was able to fill out the UIF form so long but tomorrow it's back to the bank. Last trip was to my Dr to get the medical certificate filled out stating that I was indeed pregnant (ya, like I would fake all this fat and discomfort....) Annnddd as all good service providers, I had to make a app for tomorrow to get the forms signed..... 

Headed home after this but them started meal preps for the upcoming week so that we don't have to worry about food. Did make a awesome choc protein brownie overnight oats. Was loooovvveeelllyyy.... Gnomie starting to stress and is convinced that Miss Scarlett will come early. I doubt it.. Yes I have had several BH but no other symptoms. I think she'll stay in there till the 21st. At least it gives us time to prepare. 

Feelings: unreal, having pain and BH. Lower back pain at night again.

Anxious:  4/10

Goals today: COO, bank, drs rooms

Achieved: went to COO but didn't get everything certified that I needed too.
Banks offline, headed back tomorrow
Drs rooms: made app for tomorrow

Overnight oats I made today. Seriously good! 

Monday, 7 July 2014

Last week at work

I have been very quiet the last month... I think it's just baby prep and nerves that have sent me into a hiding hole. This is my last week at work. Excited to be finishing work and too have next week to myself to rest and mentally prepare for my little girls arrival!!! 

This week at work I just want to finialise small things. Also I'm seriously considering silencing all my work related email, group chat etc while I'm on maternity!!! Seriously don't want my work  bothering me with crap while on taking care of a newborn!! :( And of course I've been pinning to my hearts content :D So many cute ideas for my little girl! 

This is the hospital photo I plan on introducing her to the world with! (Of course, mamas going to take her red lipstick with!)

I'd love this in her nursery wall, if I could just find the decal!

Beside the niceties of being a new mommy, I'm also dealing with the admin... Claiming UIF is effort. The queues are ridiculous so I'm seriously considering using a UIF claim service. I hope it's legit and that I'm not going to be ripped off but at this point I'm willing to try anything so that I don't have to stand in those queues.... I'll let you know how it goes :D At least everything with my medical aid is in order so I can relax about that.

Now just the wait.....