Monday, 14 July 2014

Last Monday 💚

Up at 4 because my body was so uncomfortable and started painting..... So did what any normal girl does... Ate 3 yes 3 slices of toast and watched 27 dresses. In bed at 6,up again at 7:30 to make hubby lunch. Napped again till 9:30 then had to get up to get ready to organsie UIF docs. First to Comm of Oath. Ended up going to wrong place so had to go back to police station. At least got it certified then on to bank to 1st: Change my surname to my married one, then get the UIF form filled out. As luck would have it, the Casa system was offline and they couldn't do the surname change.... At least she was able to fill out the UIF form so long but tomorrow it's back to the bank. Last trip was to my Dr to get the medical certificate filled out stating that I was indeed pregnant (ya, like I would fake all this fat and discomfort....) Annnddd as all good service providers, I had to make a app for tomorrow to get the forms signed..... 

Headed home after this but them started meal preps for the upcoming week so that we don't have to worry about food. Did make a awesome choc protein brownie overnight oats. Was loooovvveeelllyyy.... Gnomie starting to stress and is convinced that Miss Scarlett will come early. I doubt it.. Yes I have had several BH but no other symptoms. I think she'll stay in there till the 21st. At least it gives us time to prepare. 

Feelings: unreal, having pain and BH. Lower back pain at night again.

Anxious:  4/10

Goals today: COO, bank, drs rooms

Achieved: went to COO but didn't get everything certified that I needed too.
Banks offline, headed back tomorrow
Drs rooms: made app for tomorrow

Overnight oats I made today. Seriously good! 

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