Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Flip.... This flippen week!

No shit seriously! This week can end now. Yesterday was such a crap day (also fokol happened with the malaria) and today isn't much better :///

My husbands best friend was in a serious bike accident this morning. We're driving through tomorrow to see how he is doing. Then my husband just iMessages me, he lost his cellphone ://// So now he's running around to banks to get statements and proof of residence to be able to get a new phone(stupid Rica) And, dr X, the path that was
Fokken unreasonable with the malaria, is on my case now. She seems to be picking on me and watching everything I do like a hawk. I'm done fok all wrong but she's nit picking. 

Flip I'm gatvol 

The path actually reported me!!!! 😡 My area manager is now coming to 'have a session' with me to find out and discuss what happned. Aaarrgggg so angry!!!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Not bad for a Monday

Even though I worked the weekend I'm feeling pretty pumped this morning. We're going shopping for my baby, I'm bidding on some awesome baby it's at a bargin and I'm pretty focused this week

Also starting morning off right 
My favorite chicken and veg soup!'

Annnnnddddd it was downhill from there....
Got questioned by manager and head office pathogists about a malaria I did Saturday. Apparently I missed the parasite count even though I saw it a few hours later on a rebleed. Firstly not even the doctor suspected malaria or the heam path and secondly, it wasn't even the right stain! I only had a rapid stain slide with me, the tube was in PTA so I couldn't make a Giesma so I don't feel I should have HAD  be able to identify on the wrong stain! When people question my work capabilities, I get upset and worry..... 

But anyway

The boss is gone so I can't ask her what happened after I left. I'll ask her and update in my next blog.

I need a new start.... So looking forward to Canada. Flip I hope we make it 😓

Thursday, 19 February 2015


The title is basically my goals. I never wanted to be ordinary. I wanted to be something different. Hence my physical
Transformation that I want to undergo and covered in my last blog post. 

I currently work in the medical field but my job is very unfulfilling..... I'm bored shitless basically. I've always loved pinup but I'm also very involved in the fitness game. So why not combine material the two? 

But how?

This is where my problem starts. Firstly
I'll have to become fitness/pinup body ready and  not quite there. Also once I'm there, what then? SA is not know for having a massive pinup community.... Fitness isn't too bad but still..... Ai

But first things first: get myself
Fitness ready. A role model (body wise anyway) is Gina Carla. Go have a look. She's on Instagram, Facebook everywhere. That's kinda what I'm aiming for....

This is her

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I've always had a dream to recreate myself into a rockabilly girl. But several reasons have always stopped me.

How would I carry off the look when I'm older? Would I just look ridiculous or awesome? I don't know....

My hair. As silly as it sounds I have never been able to pull off the hair from that era and trust me I've tried.... So it's difficult to be rockabilly without the hair

Thirdly: what if I regret the tattoos later? Piercings I can take out easily but tattoos! That's laser removal.... Kinda more hectic 

Fourth: will I have the commitment to do it everyday? Will I have the time?

In spite of all these reasons,
I would still want to give it a go.... I love the look and it's something different. 

I've just got to figure my damn hair out...

These are the things I had in mind:

I have a old sun tattoo on my shoulder  going to try to cover up with this one :)

The Ariel tatto below I want placed as above 

I've wanted this one for a while but not sure where?

This one, so cute.

For my husband....

Love the dermals down my back, but would they hold? And I think I'd need a nicer back for it

My husbands name, I'd like places as below

These I love but id probably just be for a shoot or something 

Getting these next week :)

The below corset piercing only holds for a day or two but that's perfect. I want to do a extreme boudoir shoot so I'll get these for that :)

This is my hair and makeup aim


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blah Monday

Ai when you look again, it's Monday. Where did the weekend go? What did I do with my weekend? All questions that will most probably remain unanswered for eternity... :/

But anyway.

So I started my week of right. With a 50 min HIIT cardio session as the gym. And I must say I'm happy because timing all wired out. As those closest to me know, I HATE being late or rushed for ANYTHING! Throws off my routine and drives me nuts. Well this morning everything worked out perfectly :) FRIGGIN LOVE THAT! It's the small things ;)

So today's picture love :)

This is a goal. Recreate this picture but with me and my life :)

Arg... The print on this lingerie.... Perfection 

These stockings!!! Neeeeeddd them!

Of course my dream shoe. The louboutin lucifer bow :)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Lingerie Lady: Makeup

Lingerie Lady: Makeup: For some reason I have always loved makeup images. I save them to my phone and scroll through them first. Random and pointless is know but w...


For some reason I have always loved makeup images. I save them to my phone and scroll through them first. Random and pointless is know but whatever. Also I am obsessed with Mac. Have been since about last year this time when I was introduced for the first time. What a lovely meeting it was :)))

Here are some of my current favourites :)

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Nails nails nails :))

Yesterday I had my nails done again for the first time in a while. Unfor my nail lady is brilliant but thus also flippen busy :( I was only able to get a app yesterday but damn she's awesome :)

Loooovvvveeee my nails

Also I ordered myself some nail art: resin bows, zippers stickers and pinup stickers for future nail apps :)

Check out my resin bow idea 

Happy nail day!!! :)

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Monday, no wait Tuesday. Wha?

So I was off yesterday as my mini me had a cold. So I've complete lost my day sense as I'm starting work on a Tuesday..... Ai.

On other news, have you heard of a site called Sammys dress? OMW! Best kept secret!! All those outfits you lust after on Pinterest? THESE PEOPLE MAKE THEM!!! Global shipping and payment through PayPal (which I always prefer) Flip, my entire salary will be going to these people.

Currently on my payday lust list

Saturday, 7 February 2015

My weekend

Weekend was a bit of a up and down.... My baby got a snotty nose so obviously to a FTM, it may just as well be pneumonia. Managed to take her to to doc on Monday and he told us not to worr, just a snotty nose and she'll be fine :) Oterwise nothing much happened. No news is good news ;)

She now lies like this in her car seat. So random 😂

But what's awesome is that our wedding photos came!! It's on a flash and then we select the ones we want in our album :))))
Very excited 😁

The face I wake up too. Love her!!!!

Thursday, 5 February 2015



Apple crumble muffin for breakfast. Yip, that's how I roll.....

Clothes: nothing special. Had a flippen early start so it was my Hello Kitty sweatshirt that got grabbed. But on the good side, a pair of black pants that have NEVER fit me, now close!! Whoop!

Underpinnings: also very blah. Actually should be gym undies

Meals: treat breakfast so thus the muffin. 

Gym: yip and sauna 
 Enjoy you weekend!!!!

Thursday, boring day, cute outfit

Looks for today:


Opinions: KMD bra and panty runs small so my bra is more of a quarter cup bra and panties could be a bit more comfy... But I still wear it because I paid so much for this set (shopping, customs etc) that I can't just have it hanging in my cupboard.

My true corset I love. Does what it's supposed to do and comfortable. This was a good buy!

Meals: tried a chicken pot pie from my tried and loved receipes pages. Huge hit with the hubs! Not bad for me either. Had that for breakfast with some brocolli. Customary eggs for lunch. My daily love is my Cinolean cappachino. I must say, I genuinely love that. Otherwise rest of meals boring:)

Gym: not today 

Otherwise; did some shopping for the mini miss. I always enjoy that oddly enough.... Got some new purity flavours. Kinda excited! Silly I know but it's a momma thing! Also gonna try to get to bed early. Leka tired today. Thursday syndrome I think 

Images I loved today:   

Clothing ideas for tomorrow: I have a tight black dress and a see through shirt. Should look cute :)

Love this. Shopping and treating :)))(

My Fitspo. Body like this :)))

Happy reading :)