Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blah Monday

Ai when you look again, it's Monday. Where did the weekend go? What did I do with my weekend? All questions that will most probably remain unanswered for eternity... :/

But anyway.

So I started my week of right. With a 50 min HIIT cardio session as the gym. And I must say I'm happy because timing all wired out. As those closest to me know, I HATE being late or rushed for ANYTHING! Throws off my routine and drives me nuts. Well this morning everything worked out perfectly :) FRIGGIN LOVE THAT! It's the small things ;)

So today's picture love :)

This is a goal. Recreate this picture but with me and my life :)

Arg... The print on this lingerie.... Perfection 

These stockings!!! Neeeeeddd them!

Of course my dream shoe. The louboutin lucifer bow :)

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