Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I had a tough night.... My baby woke at infrequent times so i didn't get a lot of sleep. Also stress is getting to me a bit..... My husband and I are applying for emigration to Canada. I don't know if I want us to be successful? I HATE change   And this is major.... But we'll apply (the people are going to call at 10) and see what happens....

Schedule: nu nu has her vaccination today.... Not a good day for me. Also I have waxes at 3:45 and Botox consultation. Really want to have that done for the wedding. Otherwise Sternberg might fit his waistcoat today. Things are finally coming together for the wedding! Cookies are also fully paid :) 

The cookies we're doing 

My husbands outfit :))))

He's going to look incredibly handsome! :)

Good sleep night!


My nu nu

Slept from 21:00 till 1:20, then from 2:00 till 6:15 :))))) it's 8:17 now and she's napping again :) so proud! 

Also I won something on ebay that I had wanted for ages! The red Jena bra was on my lust list for a while now but to buy it would have been quite a expense. Got it on ebay for R300!! Friggin awesome! :)

Chilling now with Jerry springer and a cup if coffee before my nu nu wakes up again.

Schedule: again, pretty morning day. Gym tonight and that's that. Calming myself for my nu nu vaccination tomorrow :(

Sunday, 28 September 2014

What a night....

What a night.....

My little one did not want to settle after her 23:30 feed. So i got up and helped my husband. She eventually went down at 2:30. Up again at 5:30. Its 7:05 and shes still sleeping. Im going to leave her till 8. Hubbies busy making me  breakfast and this is my lifeline today.

It's 11:03 and nu nu is down again. So far she has been pretty good with her schedule. She's sneezing and coughing occasionally which still has me worried but as my mom said, she's smiling, eating, sleeping well so I guess unless one of those are affected, she's fine? 

I don't think she'll sleep till 14:00 as she hasn't drunk enough but we'll see....
:) My nu nu

Todays makeup and clothes. I'm not going anywhere expect gym tonight so makeup is very basic. 

Kiss me deadly Sirena set. Bra runs a bit small but otherwise very pretty

Outfit is a basic black dress from Forever new. My stomach isn't feeling great today so I'm going for comfort.

My scent: DKNY apple

My colour: YSL pale pink

Today is water slim day as well so expecting to run to the bathroom often.

Movie day: we're the Millers and Sex and the city. Again :)

Managed to stick to my diet and get my weight training in so super excited.

21:25 here so I'm headed to bed

Schedule: luckily i dont have anything scheduled today expect for gym later tonight. Maybe i could take my nu nu for a walk at lunch? We'll see how it goes.