Tuesday, 30 September 2014


I had a tough night.... My baby woke at infrequent times so i didn't get a lot of sleep. Also stress is getting to me a bit..... My husband and I are applying for emigration to Canada. I don't know if I want us to be successful? I HATE change   And this is major.... But we'll apply (the people are going to call at 10) and see what happens....

Schedule: nu nu has her vaccination today.... Not a good day for me. Also I have waxes at 3:45 and Botox consultation. Really want to have that done for the wedding. Otherwise Sternberg might fit his waistcoat today. Things are finally coming together for the wedding! Cookies are also fully paid :) 

The cookies we're doing 

My husbands outfit :))))

He's going to look incredibly handsome! :)

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