Tuesday, 14 July 2015


I love vintage fetish art. Old drawings of women with high heels and corsets. It's unusual but I think these images are beautiful. Today on my Instagram I found a women who goes by the Instagram handle of lady_weird

She does drawings and artworks. Her things are stunning!!

This is her website 

Some of her images that I love :)

French women

I've always adored French women. There is just something about them. They're always so effortlessly chic. And they always seen so carefree and stressfree. Maybe it's this trait that makes me love them the most!!! ;)

I found this article that discusses tips French women use for beauty. It's quite interesting and worth the read 

undie fundie (@me_parisi)
The French-Girl Beauty Rules, According to Parisian Makeup Artist Violette - Vogue vogue.com/1908285/french…

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The original Victoria Secret models

I came across this piece on my FB page and I must say it's pretty awesome. The lingerie is absolutely stunning!!


8TH JUL, 2015



When looking at black and white photographs of women considered glamorous in the 1920s and early 20th century, I often find it difficult to relate to their look. Their make-up is strange and melodramatic, their hairstyles usually unflattering and even macabre; almost like there was a preference for a rather un-natural beauty. But then I came across the Alfred Cheney Johnston portraits of the Ziegfeld Follies girls and discovered a refreshing female “prettiness” that I found this era had always lacked in its historical imagery. They are women that could have rivalled the modern-day rat pack of Victoria Secret supermodels; a carefully curated troupe of natural beauties dressed to enhance their Botticelli-esque figures, with sex appeal, free-flowing hair; soft and seriously attractive faces that can truly be believed as having broken many a man’s heart…

Monday, 6 July 2015

Working out

So, enjoy working out but a lot of my workouts tend to be aimless. Ill walk around the gym for a hour or so and work on whatever machines are open. This is obviously not really super beneficial to me so I've found the above workout plan which i started today.

It doesn't seem very hectic but give it a try! Dammmmnnnnnnn..... My body genuinely hurts! And I can quickly do it at hime before my baby gets home. 30 min max.

Good luck and i hope it helps you as well :)

Versace atelier collection

I don't usually love really high end couture because I find it impractical, shocking expensive and sometime downright ridiculous. 

But my lordie.... The latest Versace atelier collection..,. Im at a loss for words... Need all of thiese items!