Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Current favourites

Here are pictures of some of the pieces that are currently on my lust list!!! :))

Amoralle Lingerie SS2014 

Oroblu launches lingerie for FW2014 ~ ’Red Lips’ Collection preview

Cadolle lace lingerie

 #MaisonClose Petit Secrets collection include the cupless bra, naked shorty & veil 

Murmur clothing

Have a great day! :)

Dottie's delight

I first fell in love with Dottie's Delights when I ordered their Frou Frou gown. Besides the excellent client service I got from them, the item was beautiful!!! Definitely one of the most stunning pieces I own :)

Their new range is pretty awesome. I have posted some of my favorites below. Go have a look and keep the credit card handy! ;)

I have to add my favourite!!! :)

Have a awesome day!! :)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Today is chaos

As I walked into work it was chaos.... And it still  hasn't stopped :( Also I am moving into my husbands house this weekend and there is so much that needs to be done before I can even begin my move :(

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed..... And the problem is, my husband is the exact opposite... He's very relaxed and not worried about anything! It feels like I have to worry about both of us now. 

So, in order to make me feel a bit calmer, I am posting a few of my favorite organization websites. I get a lot of ideas from them so hopefully someone else will too :)

My favourite is: http://www.abowlfulloflemons.net
This women is pretty amazing. It also doesn't hurt that she does everything in beautiful pastel colours :)Below are some images from her site

Here are pics and websites for other organization sites :)


I just love the setup of this table :)
Ditto for this bookcase 

And lastly :)

Monday, 21 April 2014

Post partum recipes

As I approach my 3rd trimester, I am excited and obviously a bit nervous for
All the changes that will be happening! 
To keep me on my diet track, I've gotten some really nice recipes off Pinterest. I have posted them below as well as the direct links to there websites.

Enjoy! :)


Honey glazed chicken
This is basically just honey, balsamic vinger, salt and some sesame seeds. The chicken is then basted and baked 

This ones pretty self explanatory :) Yummy for all the water I'd have to drink!

I thought when I'm having a sweet craving that this would be pretty good! Bananas, choc and sprinkles!!! :D

Cauliflower is so versatile! Try this, it's pretty awesome.

And finally: even though I don't want
to look like someone exactly in terms of my fitness goal, this pic below is a pretty good estimation of what I'd like to look like in the long run. Maybe just a bit more definition in my legs

Friday, 18 April 2014

Post partum

As people might already know from my first blog entry, i am 6 and a half mths pregnant. And being a lingerie addict, this makes my life a bit more difficult as there are soooo many things i just cannot wear anymore. 

Ive decided i need inspiration for my post partum journey to being and feeling like my old self. Firstly this is going to start with getting back on my old fitness routine. Secondly, as my body slowly makes its way back to what it used to be (well kinda), i can start looking forawrd to my lingerie again!!! :) One of the things i saw this morning on my tumblr was a blog with the hastag #100 days of lingerie. The lady basically documents her daily lingerie wear as this is something that makes her happy. I can completely relate and im thinking i'd really like to do this as well! Besides posting things that make me smile, i can take photos of some of my truely stunning pieces of vintage lingerie that basically just lie stored in dust proctecter bags! 

Cannot wait to get started!!

Heres some inspiration to help :)

Via tumblr

Via Pinterest 

Via wicked lingerie

Via Pinterest

Carine Gilson lingerie

Vollers Corsets


Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

House DIY!!!

So this weekend is the start of house renovating for me. Im moving in with my husband next weekend so painting, putting up shelves, hooks etc is all happening now. Very excited but also very nervous for all the work ahead of me..... 

Before and after pics will follow :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Secrets in lace: runway show.

It's pretty awesome. Absolutely love there stockings. Go have a look :)


Random images and items I love!

These are all images from Pinterest. I just love the and change them up every now and again as my phones background :)

I always wanted to learn to make my own clothes and I think for a beginner these garter belts wouldn't be too difficult to make?

I always imagined I'd be lounging around the house one day looking like this :) Hasn't happened yet though....

My two favourite things in 1 photo. Louboutins and thigh high's!!!

I'm loving the idea of garters on your thighs holding the stockings up instead of around your waist, but I seriously doubt they have staying power for a entire day!

This slip is by Nasty Gal. Would be beautiful under something sheer!!

I saw this on a Esty listing but it's unfortunatly not available anymore.... :(

LOVE these stockings! Wonder if I could make them with a glue gun... Hmmm...

These Agent Provocateur stockings are still on my lust list

Cutest set I have seen in a long time :) 

This is by Anais lingerie. Breathtaking....

So this is my random post for the day. :)

Have a awesome one!!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Backless, strapless and all the bits in between

Have you ever had a outfit that you thought you'd never be able to wear a bra, tummy flattening pantie or maybe just even a pantie?! Well I've got those outfits too..... And I've struggled to find things that I feel could really work! And going commando is really not my thing...

So after searching the internet I have managed to find some awesome pieces that I feel could really work! I have bought several if the items myself so I can vouch for them and the others seem like good ideas that could work. If anyone has tried any of these pieces, leave some feedback! I'd love to hear your viewpoints on them :)

All the below are by shape citi

 This will take care of any VPL you'd be worriedabout 

This piece above is awesome!!! Im wearing it under my wedding dress as my dress has a see through back that is very low cut. 

Deep V top? This will make sure the girls stay where they must :)

There are many more options by shape citi so go and have a look on there website. 

Have a awesome day!!! :)