Monday, 7 April 2014

My home.....

So exciting things happening in my life now, in about 2 weeks  moving in with my husband!! We've been married since the 1st of feb but since his dad lives with him (his dad is 72) I've, for obvious reasons declined to live there till the flat we're building for his dad is done :) Annnnnmdddddd it's almost done!! Haaaaappppppppppppppppyyyyyyy days! So, as this is my new home, I have a ton of ideas!!! 

All pics are via Pinterest.

This one just inspires me to be organised and I love flowers so I'd love to have pink roses in my room as often as possible 

This is really inexpensive to make and it think the hubby would very much appreciate seeing this in the mornings :)
Above our bed?

I'm going to print this pic and go shopping for bedding!!!

Also love this but am trying to figure out what to treat the wood with so that it doesn't soak up moisture?

We bought our house as a very colorful house! The people that lived there before us had put orange tiles and a blue carpet in the bathroom!!! It's very expensive and time consuming to redo a bathroom so I was thinking of trying this below?

Always helpful!

Reminder for my hubby when he leaves for work :)

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