Monday, 21 April 2014

Post partum recipes

As I approach my 3rd trimester, I am excited and obviously a bit nervous for
All the changes that will be happening! 
To keep me on my diet track, I've gotten some really nice recipes off Pinterest. I have posted them below as well as the direct links to there websites.

Enjoy! :)

Honey glazed chicken
This is basically just honey, balsamic vinger, salt and some sesame seeds. The chicken is then basted and baked 

This ones pretty self explanatory :) Yummy for all the water I'd have to drink!

I thought when I'm having a sweet craving that this would be pretty good! Bananas, choc and sprinkles!!! :D

Cauliflower is so versatile! Try this, it's pretty awesome.

And finally: even though I don't want
to look like someone exactly in terms of my fitness goal, this pic below is a pretty good estimation of what I'd like to look like in the long run. Maybe just a bit more definition in my legs

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