Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beautiful clothes

Evey women wants to look effortlessly chic on a daily basis, but damn, its hard work!!!! I always feel more professional, smarter, prettier, skinnier, everything when i look 'put together' Yes this is verysuperficial  but as a 5yr old would put it: 'i dont care, i want it' (while childishly stamping there feet)

So in a effort to maintain some form of maturity as well as look it, i have attached pictures and images of looks that i love. I am slowly building my wardrobe around key items that ive seen in picutees like these, hoping that in the mornings when i jump out of bed 40 min late, i still look like I've woken up 2 hours earlier :)

On another note: all these images are via pinterest but i dont know what to do if i cant find them online to buy? There are certain items that ill have to have made but unfortunetly in my home town, really good dress makers are flippen hard to fibd..... So my search continues.....

Besides the awesome outfit, her hair is awesome :)

This is a corset belt that I saw. Instantly loved it and NEEDED it. Should be easy to have it made if I can find the correct lace?

This is actually a awesome idea for winter. The shawl throw over the jacket keeps extra chill out :) and that handbag!

I'm really loving mint now. Unfortunately the link for these shoes lead me to a flickr account that led nowhere :( So if anyone know where I can find these shoes, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

Love the mint again. I'd just make the inner skirt a tad longer

I've always loved the idea of belting a winter jacket. Unfortunately my  jackets are so thick, I'd need a industrial strength belt to hold my jacket in!!! :(

This casual outfit is so sexy and effortless..... And warm!

Again beautiful shoes that will most probably be impossible to find....

So cute for work!

This dress I have been lusting over for YEARS.... Literally.... Everything about it
Is perfect....


This jacket. I haven't seen anything like it ever before. I imagine it must look amayzing on.

Hope my wardrobe inspiration has inspired someone else today!!! :))))(

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