Sunday, 6 April 2014

Tomorrow's another day

Not feeling my best right now.... As I have said previously I am 6 mths pregnant and I don't know if I'm having a growth spurt but i geniniienly feel massive and uncomfortable right now :( I'm trying very hard to keep my weight gain at 500g per week from now so that I've gained a ideal amount by 38 weeks but damn it's difficult!!!! Also I weighed my too early (yesterday instead of Tuesday) and I'm already up a kg!!! WTF..... Really stuggling with this pregnancy thing but I have no one to blame expect myself. Haven't gym'd in weeks and eating a lot of carbs so obviously I'll gain weight!!! But as the little of my post is; tomorrow is another day, i shall treat it as so...

Current preg pic 

Goals for next week
1. Finish my 1.5l of water weekly
2. Gym 3 times next week
3. Drop high amounts of carbs

Hopefully then i will already feel better!!!

On another good note: hopefully I will get a ridiculously expensive pair of louboutins I have been eyeing at a fraction of the price!!! :D Will keep you updated 

Happy pic of the moment 

Love everything about this pic!!!

Have a happy Sunday night!

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