Friday, 18 April 2014

Post partum

As people might already know from my first blog entry, i am 6 and a half mths pregnant. And being a lingerie addict, this makes my life a bit more difficult as there are soooo many things i just cannot wear anymore. 

Ive decided i need inspiration for my post partum journey to being and feeling like my old self. Firstly this is going to start with getting back on my old fitness routine. Secondly, as my body slowly makes its way back to what it used to be (well kinda), i can start looking forawrd to my lingerie again!!! :) One of the things i saw this morning on my tumblr was a blog with the hastag #100 days of lingerie. The lady basically documents her daily lingerie wear as this is something that makes her happy. I can completely relate and im thinking i'd really like to do this as well! Besides posting things that make me smile, i can take photos of some of my truely stunning pieces of vintage lingerie that basically just lie stored in dust proctecter bags! 

Cannot wait to get started!!

Heres some inspiration to help :)

Via tumblr

Via Pinterest 

Via wicked lingerie

Via Pinterest

Carine Gilson lingerie

Vollers Corsets


Have a great day everyone!!

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