Thursday, 9 October 2014


Is there anyone else there that suffers from post partum anxiety? I think I have it. I worry about everything when it comes to my baba!!! Everything! And I don't think it's normal mommy worry, i think it's PPA level worry... But also in my defense, it hasn't been the easiest 11 weeks. Even though she is actually very well behaved and not a colic baby, she's caused me some stress. For example, she had a heart murmur at 4 weeks which ended up being PPS. Luckily the physiological and not the structural one so it should sort itself out by 6 mths. Now at 11 weeks, she has torticullis. This is where her neck tends to one side due to muscle stiffness or a STM tumour. Her first physio app is today at 13:00.... She's going to show us stretching exercises we need to do to get her neck to stretch the other way as well. 

I know none of these things are serious compared to what other moms go through but as a FTM anything is serious to me.

But otherwise, I'm hoping to get my AP corset today and the toys I ordered for my nu nu bug :)))) I'll do a post on the AP corset to determine if it really is worth the value. 

So we're back from the physio and it is tort neck. The physio says it's pretty severe but it's treatable. The crap thing is that we have to do stretch exercises every 2 hrs and she screams in pain because it's a knotted muscle. It breaks my heart.... I can barely handle it.... But it had to be done. If we do it, her neck should be ok in 3 weeks. I'll keep updated on her progress.

Otherwise no other deliveries today. I'm hoping tomorrow now! 

Just wanted to share a pic of
My nails. My nail tech is awesome :)

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