Monday, 17 November 2014

Work politics

I am the worst blog keeper ever!! Seriously.... But I have the excuse of having started working again. Back in the chaos and drama that is lab work :( 

I've come to realize that I am not a person for politics. I have officially been at this company for 6 years today. Can I say it's been fun? Definitely not but it's been one hell of a learning curve. I have the displeasure of working for a boss who is a pro at playing politics. I am not. And I've realized this when I started work again after 4 months of maternity leave and discovered that a position I have wanted for 3 years had been given so someone else while I was gone. And the reason? They thought I wouldn't want to be in a management position with a baby as it would mean longer hours etc. BULLSHIT. I am not fucking stupid nor was I born yesterday. I know the reason I wasn't chosen and this particular person was but I don't want to go into it on my blog. Let's just say it's a ridiculously unfair situation. I am however taking it all in my stride. My boss doesn't know I am immigrating and I'll be enjoying the moment I get to tell her I'm leaving. Besides this, I'm taking joy in the fact that I still get my normal salary as well as not having all the responsibility and shit that goes with being a manager. I'm going to focus on my new little family until it is time to restart our lives in Canada. 

With regards to that, I'm still waiting to hear from the immigration lawyers. It hasn't been the 60 days that they said it would take but it's damn almost and I haven't heard anything? Emailed them now to enquire what is happening. 

Being in a snail shit position in the lab also gives me more time to focus on my health. I'm getting very serious with regard to my fitness and have now emailed Heidi Somers enquiring about costs with regard to getting a personalized workout and diet from her. Will keep you updated on that.

This is about the most exciting that has happened in my life.

Have a awesome day readers :)))))

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