Monday, 17 November 2014

Engagement shoot and gym

So we received our engagement shoot photos. I was initially very unhappy with them. It seems our photographer didn't edit them AT ALL! I expected a bit of editing here and there but nothing! My stockings are sticking out in several photos and some poses are sooo unflattering I look pregnant again!!!! There
Where a few nice ones that i uploaded but out of 90 pics I loved 38. That's less than half!! I seriously hope he does better job with the wedding photos as he is a
Very expensive photographer and I'm not paying him over R20000 for shit pics. 

Another concern is me. I genuinely looked bad in some of them....
I'm bigger than what I thought I was. I'm not looking forward to the wedding at all. I regret doing this. We should just have left it at the marriage officer. I'm also seriously stressing about leaving my daughter for so long. I just want all
Of this to be over

Another area of stress for me right now is out canada immigration. The Canadian services called yesterday and said we would get a full result this weekend. I'm shitting myself. I'm so nauseous with worry over everything....

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