Sunday, 22 February 2015

Not bad for a Monday

Even though I worked the weekend I'm feeling pretty pumped this morning. We're going shopping for my baby, I'm bidding on some awesome baby it's at a bargin and I'm pretty focused this week

Also starting morning off right 
My favorite chicken and veg soup!'

Annnnnddddd it was downhill from there....
Got questioned by manager and head office pathogists about a malaria I did Saturday. Apparently I missed the parasite count even though I saw it a few hours later on a rebleed. Firstly not even the doctor suspected malaria or the heam path and secondly, it wasn't even the right stain! I only had a rapid stain slide with me, the tube was in PTA so I couldn't make a Giesma so I don't feel I should have HAD  be able to identify on the wrong stain! When people question my work capabilities, I get upset and worry..... 

But anyway

The boss is gone so I can't ask her what happened after I left. I'll ask her and update in my next blog.

I need a new start.... So looking forward to Canada. Flip I hope we make it 😓

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