Tuesday, 17 February 2015


I've always had a dream to recreate myself into a rockabilly girl. But several reasons have always stopped me.

How would I carry off the look when I'm older? Would I just look ridiculous or awesome? I don't know....

My hair. As silly as it sounds I have never been able to pull off the hair from that era and trust me I've tried.... So it's difficult to be rockabilly without the hair

Thirdly: what if I regret the tattoos later? Piercings I can take out easily but tattoos! That's laser removal.... Kinda more hectic 

Fourth: will I have the commitment to do it everyday? Will I have the time?

In spite of all these reasons,
I would still want to give it a go.... I love the look and it's something different. 

I've just got to figure my damn hair out...

These are the things I had in mind:

I have a old sun tattoo on my shoulder  going to try to cover up with this one :)

The Ariel tatto below I want placed as above 

I've wanted this one for a while but not sure where?

This one, so cute.

For my husband....

Love the dermals down my back, but would they hold? And I think I'd need a nicer back for it

My husbands name, I'd like places as below

These I love but id probably just be for a shoot or something 

Getting these next week :)

The below corset piercing only holds for a day or two but that's perfect. I want to do a extreme boudoir shoot so I'll get these for that :)

This is my hair and makeup aim


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