Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Flip.... This flippen week!

No shit seriously! This week can end now. Yesterday was such a crap day (also fokol happened with the malaria) and today isn't much better :///

My husbands best friend was in a serious bike accident this morning. We're driving through tomorrow to see how he is doing. Then my husband just iMessages me, he lost his cellphone ://// So now he's running around to banks to get statements and proof of residence to be able to get a new phone(stupid Rica) And, dr X, the path that was
Fokken unreasonable with the malaria, is on my case now. She seems to be picking on me and watching everything I do like a hawk. I'm done fok all wrong but she's nit picking. 

Flip I'm gatvol 

The path actually reported me!!!! 😡 My area manager is now coming to 'have a session' with me to find out and discuss what happned. Aaarrgggg so angry!!!

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