Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Wednesday ❤️

So woke up early to get all my shit done for my UIF. 1st stop: Absa and guess what?!!!! Still offline! Luckily the girl who helped me is the same one i always get so she was really nice and took my details down. She said she'd call me when it's up and running. 2nd stop: COO. Queue out the door! So that's going to get done tomorrow as well.
The only thing that panned out was the Drs rooms! Can you flippen believe :( Ar least I also go my stool softner (sexy I know) for the hospital and obviously HAD to buy some more outfits for my little girl. Got her the cutest kilt with suspenders!!

Otherwise came home and slept. Hubby going out with friends tonight, told him he must enjoy his last few nights without baba!!! Shame :) 

Anxious: 1/10

Goals: absa coo dr dischem read atkins and baby book. Pack bras nap in afternoon

Achieved: Drs rooms and packed bras. Whoop whoop :/

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