Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Scarlett scheduling

Try her on the normal schedule, then try diff things depending on her issues. She should be awake a max of 3hrs otherwise will be overtired. Also feed every 3 hrs until she has gained her birth weight

Do a min of contact while feeding. Do not overstimulate.

Split feeding is making up normal feed in 2 smaller bottles

Work out amount of formula: 70ml per pound body weight

7am: 90ml
Should aready be feeding
Do nor feed after 8. If she woke up st 5 or 6 and ate, then offer just a top up now.
In bed by 8:30. When she starts getting drowsy, put her in the cot and take out dummy before she falls asleep.

10-10:30am: 90ml
Must first be fully awake. Wake at 9:45
Let her have a kick and play
Wash and fully dress
Offer a top up
Will get sleepy by Should be asleep bt 11:30am

2-2:30pm: 90ml
Wake and change diaper
Do not feed after 3:15
3:30- change diaper. Taker her for a walk rhis time while she sleeps

5pm: 60ml
Feed a split feed burp feed
Ket her juck while i prepare bath
Diaper change
Sleep clothes no later than 6-6:15

6-6:15pm: 60ml
Rest of split feed burp feed
Put in bed to self soothe no later than 7pm

10-10:30pm: 90ml
Put on bright lights
Allow her to fully wake up while you prepare diaper change
Feed her most of her bottle burp then change nappy and reswaddle
Dim lights

2-2:30am: 90ml
Dont put on bright lights
As little fuss as possible
Check diaper
Feed burp feed

If she wakes at 5am split feed from 7am feed. Let her nap till 7 and then wake up for new day

New shift

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