Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Last tuesday ๐Ÿ’›

Not that concerned today.  Feels more unreal and far away than yesterday. I think I'm just too tired to worry so much. 

Got up at 11. Postponed drs, absa and COO app till tomorrow. Forgot that Betty is coming tomorrow so I'd actually not want to be at home so that we're not under each other feet. Tomorrow will be busy but hopefully only the morning. Sternberg can then fax it Thursday so then at least they have it.

Goals: make more food, nails waxes.

Anxious 1/10

Achieved: made lots of food. Still not done but at least fridge is filling up fast. Got cute nails done (pic below) and all my waxes done. But what was interesting  was my wax. Damn it
Hurt!!! I'm not a sensitive person but it genuinely hurt like hell. Maybe more blood flow making the area more sensitive? Don't know but glad it's over....

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