Sunday, 21 June 2015

Weekend away and mom anxiety

Do other moms also have extreme anxiety? I worry about my little one constantly.
To the point where it affects my every day functioning. For example my husband and I are away for the weekend. She sick with coxsackie and staying with Ouma as we needed a break. She crys hysterically every night for a hour or so because we suspect her throat hurts a lot. And obviously the crying makes it worse but she doesn't  know that. We're headed back tomorrow but the stress I'm feeling is overwhelming right now. What do I expect? Is she going to be hysterically? Happy? Is she going to get worse? Opd midnight rush again? Another dr karl visit? What's next after this one? I struggle to enjoy my right now because I'm worried about what's next. I need to learn to handle my anxiety better and to realize that even if she is sick she eventually gets better. It usually only lasts 7-10 days. It's not so bad. We coped through bad bronchitis and a midnight fever throwing up episode with the Baby measles. I think it's just a lot of illness one after the other that's making me worry. I didn't have a chance to recover from the one then there was another. I sometimes worry I'm not strong enough emotional for this motherhood thing. But what else can I do? I'm a mom I have to cope. 

In other news, my husband and I went away to Kruger park for the weekend! He treated me as we genuinely needed the break. We haven't had much luck with the baby and going away so my mom offered to watch her even though she is sick. Love my mom to bits....

We stayed at my favorite camp Tamboti. It was awesome and exactly what we needed. Here are some pics

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