Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Articles to have a look at today

Such a brilliant man, such dumb opinions

undie fundie (@me_parisi)
Ban 'distracting' women from male labs, says Nobel prize winner
dailym.ai/1dv1ltA via @MailOnline

This is awesome.... 
undie fundie (@me_parisi)
The power of make-up! Woman makes up half only half her face
dailym.ai/1Ho6dMZ via @Femail

This flight still haunts me
undie fundie (@me_parisi)
Did MH370 pilot fly into ocean in a 'perfect' nose-dive at 90 degrees?
dailym.ai/1QL8zGr via @MailOnline

Spot on!!!!
undie fundie (@me_parisi)
How we cope with stress can determine how long we'll live
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undie fundie (@me_parisi)
Your birth month DOES determine if you'll get sick
dailym.ai/1dudMpk via @MailOnline

Updates tomorrow again :))))

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