Monday, 15 June 2015

So negative

Have you ever had those days where your just like: fuck it, I'm done. Today is one of those days. I'm so over this whole immigration bullshit. I feel like every step we take forward, there are 2 that pushes us back. And the steps cost money, a shit load of money. Besides the immigration steps that are causing me stress, there is the things i gave up. I passed up a major promotion at work because we were immigrating. It required training and my bosses needed to know if I'm going to be staying at my work so that i could undergo this training. It would've meant a major increase and is what i had been working towards for the last 8 years. Its now gone. And if we stay i obviously won't get it and will be where i am now in work position.

This about sums me up right now.....

So to try to cheer me up i turned to tumblr which always manages to cheer me up a bit with images i love. Here are some.

Heres whats trending on the news today.

undie fundie (@me_parisi)
My sleep graph for Sunday 14 Jun. Analysis by Sleep Cycle for iPhone.

undie fundie (@me_parisi)
Prince George plays at the polo while Kate unveils her post-baby body via @Femail

and finally....

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