Thursday, 9 April 2015

My surgery

Day 1: 9 April 2015

I had my breast revision surgery today. The car accident ended up damaging my boobs so I decided to go a bit bigger seeing as he has to basically cut me up again. 

I was scared shitless this morning. Had to be there at 5:30 so we left at 4! And I couldn't eat or drink anything from 10 the previous night so needless to say I was dying for a cup of coffee and I was pretty hungry :/ Luckily the drs put me at ease (I genuinely like Dr Shaw!!) the anastetic burnt like a bitch going in my arm. But once it went though I could feel that horrible going under sensation. The next time I woke it was in recovery. I just heard: Wake up Celeste. Then I was awake and the first think I remember seeing is J.Lo on VH1 classic!!! 😂 I immediately started moving my legs and they brought  me some tea to sip. That was nice as my throat was pretty sore. After I sipped tea Sternberg  was allowed in :) he let my mom know I was out and ok. I also started shivering quick badly from the anaestic but they brought me lovely heated blankets and replaced them every few min. What a godsend!!! As soon as I stopped shivering they said I could move around and walk to the lazy boy. Walked there no problem. Sat for a bit then got that delicious Butternut soup!!! Flippen love that shit. Drank the whole bowl then needed to pee 😂 
Typical Post surgery pee. Felt massive need to pee, peed 100ml :/ they eventually said I could go home because I was doing to well. Left at 11:24 :) Hubby bought me sushi, a jam donut and a vanilla coke. Love my man!!!!

And the best part? Jam donut was FRESH! Ah it tasted like heaven.... Polished it all then slept like the dead for 2 hrs. Now just relaxing on the couch. Intercostal anaestic starting to were off as I can feel my stitches :/ will take night time pills now now

Below is the picture of my boobs the night before the surgery. You can see the dramatic damage the seatbelt did.

But hopefully that's fixed now. Will update soon!

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