Thursday, 9 April 2015

Day one liquid face lift

Went for a consultation with a aesthetic  doctor  and unexpectly my hubby said I can have my facelift there and then if I wanted!!! :) I had a laser eye lift with Botox, Botox inbetween my eyebrows, lip augmentation and Botox around my lip lines and fillers/Botox on my chin. 

Took only 34min! Felt numb in my mouth afterwards from the gel but otherwise oky  when the anaestic wore off my lips hurt pretty bad but the rest of me was ok. Just tender. I was very swollen so accurate look won't be possible but this is  photo I took about 7hrs later

My lips are still swollen unevenly and the Botox has obviously not taken full effect on my eyes. Will update soon!! :)

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