Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New me. I've gots this

So, the car accident my hubby and I were involved in on the 21st of March left me with a little more damage than I expected. My right implant seems to have shifted :/ but trying to see the bright side, I wasn't happy with the way my implants looked so he will changed that for me as well. He's going to make my nipple smaller (it strecthed out quite a bit with the pregnancy) and he'll lift both my implants. It's going to be insanely sore and unpleasant as I know exactly what's waiting for me but I have to have it done. The implants are uncomfortable for me and I'm not mad about the way they look now :/

I also wanted to have lipo done. Unfor it would be R40000 and the dr said that he can't take a lot off as I don't have a lot to remove so it just doesn't seem worth it to pay 40k for a subtle result.... I've decided  to go other routes. I've been googling lipolysis and cavitation and I've found a Clinc in Joburg that's does both of these under the supervision of a dr. My pre-op meeting with the plastic surgeon is next week Wednesday at 9:15 and my consultation with the anti aging dr is also next week Wednesday at 11:30.
Perfect timing and I'm hoping a sign :)

On top of the consultation for the lipo, I'm going to ask about thermage for my dropping eyelid, lip augmentation and Botox. I thought as I'm saving money (hopefully) but not doing the traditional lipo I can have some other things done. The results on the website seem pretty impressive but aren't they always? I just want to notice something. This will be the start of my makeover :$))

Also decided to finally get my tattoo done!!! 

Pics of before and after for various treatments taken from the clinics website:

Lip augmentation

Thermage for eyes 

Cavitation and lipolysis 

And finally my tattoo!!! And where I want to place it 

Will continue with updates and progress pics!!!

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