Tuesday, 24 March 2015


So my little family is def immigrating. The question is where? Our options are Canada or new Zealand. Each has its pros and cons and ill list them now

This wont be as easy as we had expected (not that we expected it to be easy just not THIS hard:()
Firstly, for me to reg to work as a medical scientist in there labs, ill have to do a PLA assesment with the canadian medica Lab services. This costs approx R19000.They'll  probably tell me i am missing modules and will have to study to fill those in.
Our solution? Im studing anyway. But something different. I always wanted to go into pathology. And canada offers a MSc: pathology, wheres ill be a assistant pathologists afterwards!!!! Flippen perfect!!!! Im excited but also scared shitless..... Its alot of work and im a mommy now. Priorities are diffrenet and time is limited. But ill make it work. It'll be worth it in the end. For 2 years money will be tight but hopefully afterwards i should earn a decent salary and be able to contribute to the household pretty well :)

What makes this a option easier is that i can register with there council pretty simply it seems. Also i have mags and michelle there. Both are quite happy and would never consider coming back. Also they will be more than happy to help us settle. But new zealand does make me nervous as its a very small country.... What's there economy like? is it stable? I just don't know what to do with this one

We decided to apply for visas to both countrys. Yes its pricey but at least we can explore our options if we get the visas and decide from there. We have to think long tern as this is where we will retire snd where nunu will grow up....

As i am picture obsessed, pictures always help me asseses situations and make desicions.

I fell in love with this house in calgary canada. Beautiful and it is in our projected price that we'll be able to afford. :)

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