Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Not been a great day today. For the 2nd time in a month and a half i was in a fender bender... While in a traffic circle a guy T-boned me. Im starting to think i shouldnt be driving red cars.... This is my 3rd accident in a red car. My excess is R4000. Yet another expense i didnt plan on spending. My husabnd said he would gladly pay it so we can get my car fixed and i am very grateful for that and him, but im still not feeling better. Im almost 31 and i feel like i have achieved nothing in life. I dont own any property, i earn a pathetic salary, i have a failed enagagment behind me that almost crippled me, all i have is debt, i have a failed buisness that is still costing me R2800 pm for the next 3 yrs, i have no savings.

My husband owns the house we live in, he has 2 flats, earns a excellent salary, is a engineer with a Masters degree... He pays for everything... I feel incredibly pathetic and under-achieving now... I know it will pass but this is not a great moment for me. Could also be pregnancy hormones and the fact that i am very unhappy with my body right now that is making this worse. Hopefully tomorrow will be better....

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