Saturday, 9 May 2015

All my future tattoos and placement.

So, im one of thise women who loves tattoos. There are several i want to get but im worried my body will look like a hot mess with everything placed randomly.

So here is my idea
This is one i definitely want to get.  I was thinking of placing it in my inner upper arm.  Basically like the picture below of Megan Fox

The above is skin divers on my finger. I have 2 on my arm and i love them. People seem to notice and its seems quite popular. I was considering having the work Love tattoo'd below it :)

I would also like to have something tattoo'd on me for me daughter. Id like something Disney related. I absolutely love Disney and obviously i think my little girl is a disney princess!!!! Here my ideas

I was considering placement like the one below. I have a flaming sun on my left shoulder so i thinking of having her name place on my right shoulder.

I love the font of the below name and the bird and heart would link nicely with a disney princess picture.


For the Disney princess idea below. The outline print is a cute idea. Maybe Snow White?

The next one.... Yes is know its a lot of tattoos but i warned you :) I love garters, being a vintage lover, and the one below is my favourite so far :)

I have the saying: I am because you are tattoo'd on my forearm. I am considering the below picture in front or behind the saying.

And thats all folks. :) Now i just need to make sure all the placement is ok and it doest look chaotic.